Body Language In 40 Days: The Step-By-Step guide to read people's minds (Paperback)

Body Language In 40 Days: The Step-By-Step guide to read people's minds By Jesus Enrique Rosas Cover Image
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Imagine being able to SEE the emotions, intentions and thoughts of everyone... like words on a screen.

Your intuition whispers, but its messages are so fleeting that you don't even have time to take them into account during a conversation.

For example, the other person wrinkled their face for an instant.

Was it out of annoyance, or rather something they remembered?

They also took a deep breath and looked away.

Are they disagreeing with what you said?

Why is it that when they say 'yes' to you, they seem to be reluctant?Just as you can't learn French overnight, the same goes for Body Language.
The difference is that when it comes to French, the language doesn't come 'pre-programmed' in your brain, so learning it requires effort and time.

But in the case of body language, it is a skill that is already inside you thanks to millions of years of evolution.

You just have to reactivate it.

The most common problem is that you want to learn in a short time what all the postures, gestures, attitudes, voice tones, distance between people, facial expressions mean....

It's impossible.

No matter how hard you try that way, you will not make progress; rather, you will get frustrated.

And there is another thing you need to take into account: Some people are able to 'read' your body and voice, just by looking at you.
They may have learned it through studies, or they may be the so-called 'naturals', who have mastered it since birth.

The truth is that at least 1 in 10 people are able to know what you feel and what your intentions are, only because your body reveals them to them without you realizing it, or being able to do anything about it.

They just pick up on your signals.

I felt that for too long; I call it 'Emotional Nakedness'.

They use the information they get from your body to persuade you... and sometimes even manipulate you.

If you're lucky, those people who can 'read' you won't have bad intentions.

But how can you be sure of that?Just as important as knowing how to read the Body Language of others, is knowing how to control your own.
It is as important as knowing how to speak.

Even more so, because if you don't want to reveal something with words, you just have to keep silent.

With your body you don't have that luxury.

So where do you start with your body language studies?

Here's a method with which you can learn body language step by step, at your own pace and from the general to the more specific details.

Mastering Body Language is the means to make everyone transparent to you.

Sounds easy enough, right?

The problem is that there are so many variables that it's easy to get lost trying to remember them all.

Did they touch their nose? which hand? what were they saying at the moment? and why did their eyes turn to the person on their right?

Trying to decode Body Language is fun, until you find out it's really easy to feel overwhelmed.

That's why I wrote this book;)Absolutely all the rules you knew about Persuasion and Influence change when you master body language.
  • You will detect the intentions of people around you at a glance.
  • You will learn to detect the true sources of their emotions.
  • You will exploit the secrets of charisma to awaken your personal magnetism.
  • You'll get complete strangers to trust you in a matter of minutes.
...and you can start right now.

I'll see you there

Jesus Enrique Rosas
The Body Language Guy

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