From Ratchet To Riches 2: A Hood Love Tale (Paperback)

From Ratchet To Riches 2: A Hood Love Tale By Patrice Balark Cover Image
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Forget a "Nightmare on Elm's Street," every single day is like a nightmare for the Young sisters, and too bad that they are fully awake as their nightmare continues.Still keeping secrets, Dani dives deeper into the web that Pip has spun. She thinks that she knows Pip, but a drunken enemy lets Dani in on some unexpected and shocking information that shatters her heart and upends her world.Mecca has endured so much in her young life, but keeping her siblings close is a top priority. However, it seems like life is pulling her and Danielle apart, or at least, Dani's secrets are. After a frightful situation occurs, Mecca learns that everyone is not who they pretend to be, including lifelong friends. Leaning on Capone again for her, Mecca finds herself in an unexpected situation, proving again how down she is with Capone.In From Ratchet to Riche$ 2, jealousy and deception mixed with a little lust and love are highly displayed throughout the story. The Young sisters vow to stay together no matter what, but will life finally separate them? With some much tea being spilled, will any relationship survive the slippery mess that they have found themselves in? Mecca and Dani find out that going from ratchet to riches come with its own sets of problem and that everyone and everything are not always what they seem.

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ISBN: 9798623544148
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 11th, 2020
Pages: 196
Language: English