1 Habit to Beat Cancer: Secrets of the Happiest Cancer Thrivers on the Planet (Paperback)

1 Habit to Beat Cancer: Secrets of the Happiest Cancer Thrivers on the Planet By Cort Davies, Brian Tracy, Hal Elrod Cover Image
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Helping Cancer to Suck Less: Daily Habits that Helped Incredible Cancer Thrivers Survive and Enjoy Life.

1 Habit To Beat Cancer is a simple, easily digestible book that shares the new habits that inspired these people to overcome their cancer as well as the bad habits they did away with on their journey. This book will teach you ways to overcome stress, feelings of despair, and overwhelm to instead feel determined and empowered to live your greatest life, and oftentimes, it takes JUST 1 HABIT to change your life.

In November of 2017, Cort Davies was given just three years to live. He was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant paraganglioma, one of the rarest forms of cancer on the planet. After seven surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and experimental drugs, he felt like he was at the end of the road but something changed him one night as he laid in a hospital bed.

He realized that his prognosis was simply a haunting opinion, and the true cause of his suffering was fear and the stress of the unknowns. Cort vowed to live from a place of love and to release fear, no matter the obstacle. He did so by incorporating new habits into his life that were completely life-changing, many of which he discussed in his October 2019 TedX Talk.

From these habits and Cort's experiences, hundreds of people started coming to him for advice on their own journey. He sensed something deeper was to be discovered and noticed a common thread amongst successful cancer thrivers.

He found that those who had incorporated a new mindset and practiced fulfilling and empowering daily Habits overcame the greatest odds. They often lived longer, made changes they had always been scared of, found spirituality, and ultimately aligned with whom they were meant to be.

Cort's mission is to now share the daily habits of these extraordinary humans, and teach the world how to make cancer suck a lot less.

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