Her Husband, My Thug 3: The Finale (Paperback)

Her Husband, My Thug 3: The Finale By Lady Lissa Cover Image
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The bigger the secret, the deeper the lies. Now that the secret concerning Chloe's paternity is out in the open, what will happen to Chyna and Brick? Coming home from the hospital after giving birth to their third child, Chyna was all set to live happily ever after with her husband. She had finally won and gotten him away from Shamika for good, but then all her dreams for a happy ending came crashing down around her when Slim showed up shouting, "I'm the daddy "After a huge confrontation between the three, Slim is out for revenge. He is tired playing Mr. Nice Guy and wants what he's owed. He will stop at nothing to prove Chloe is his and be given his rights as a father. But when he is presented with an offer he can't seem to pass up, he will wish he had left well enough alone.Shamika is trying to live her life without Brick, but he keeps coming back into her life. When things go left for the last time, will their love be able to handle it, or will it tear them apart forever? Find out what happens to these four in the final chapter of Her Husband, My Thug...

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ISBN: 9798651395552
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 5th, 2020
Pages: 276
Language: English