Travels With a Swami: From Hollywood to the Himalayas, an L.A. Girl's Trip of a Lifetime (Paperback)

Travels With a Swami: From Hollywood to the Himalayas, an L.A. Girl's Trip of a Lifetime By Laura D'Auri Cover Image
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In the mid-1970s, a 20-something party girl from LA becomes aware of the spiritual life in India and decides to travel there. She meets a female Swami in a Himalayan ashram, and the women then spend 5 weeks traveling together to holy shrines throughout South India.

Her travels begin in Spain and Italy, funded by the proceeds of a coffee table book she compiled and sold to Bantam Books New York. Her true journey begins when she meets a charismatic female swami and together they embark on an adventure of a lifetime, visiting many spiritual pilgrimage sites rarely seen by foreigners.

In a very personal, detailed, and intimate portrait of a special journey, author Laura D'Auri takes the reader through a world unknown to most people. She entertains her readers with one-of-a-kind experiences including:

● Visiting various Hindu pilgrimage shrines.

● Spending time at an ashram in the Himalayas.

● Getting dysentery in Benares.

● Experiencing a 2,000-year-old labyrinth.

● Visiting a holy shrine high on a mountain.

● Enjoying city life with friends in Chennai.

Full of heart, Travels With A Swami follows Laura's travels from the mundane, to the sacred, to the dangerous, and everywhere in between. It's a perfect read for those fascinated by travel and India or anyone interested in spirituality. Those who enjoy learning about Hinduism will relate to many of the themes and anecdotes.

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ISBN: 9798822920767
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: July 25th, 2023
Pages: 250
Language: English