The Cut Flower Handbook for Beginners: All you need to know about Choosing, cultivating, nurturing and harvesting beautiful Cut Flowers (Paperback)

The Cut Flower Handbook for Beginners: All you need to know about Choosing, cultivating, nurturing and harvesting beautiful Cut Flowers By Tiana Winnifred Cover Image
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Hey there garden lovers. Tired of boring flower beds? Want to grow beautiful; cut flowers that last forever (well, almost)? Then listen up.

"The Cut Flower Handbook for Beginners" is your one-stop shop to becoming a cut flower rockstar, with pro flower farmer Tiana Winnifred as your guide. Whether you're snipping blooms for your own table, surprising loved ones, or even selling them on the side, this book spills the tea on growing gorgeous, long-lasting flowers from seed to sensational.

Tiana's secret sauce? Working with nature's seasons, not against them. Her unique method, based on hot and cold weather cycles, unlocks a bounty of blooms no matter where you live. It's like her uber-popular online courses, but for both tiny city balconies and sprawling country farms.

Forget grocery store flowers riddled with chemicals and flown halfway around the world. This book is your escape plan

Here's what you'll get in "The Cut Flower Handbook"

  • Ditch the Dull Blooms: Turn your garden into a riot of color and life This book goes way beyond basic gardening, showing you how to grow cut flowers like a true artist.
  • Be a Seasonal Superhero: Learn to conquer every season like a pro. From crazy cool soil hacks to rebellious watering techniques, you'll become a gardening ninja in sync with nature's flow.
  • Rebel Gardener Toolkit: Get ready to break the rules This book dives into unconventional planting methods, soil prep, and how to care for your flowers. Plus, you'll learn how to pick the perfect blooms for your climate and personal style.
  • Cash in on Your Colorful Rebellion: Thinking of turning your hobby into a side hustle? This guide gives you all the tips you need to make money from your cut flower empire, big or small.
  • Join the Bloom Brigade: Connect with other flower fanatics online You'll also find resources for where to buy seeds and tools to fuel your gardening rebellion.
  • Celebrate Your Blooming Revolution: Growing cut flowers is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life This book is your guide and cheerleader, inspiring you to keep creating beauty and leading the gardening revolution.

"The Cut Flower Handbook" isn't just a book, it's the perfect blend of inspiration and info for anyone who wants to add more beauty to their lives with homegrown blooms. Get ready to transform your garden into a blooming paradise and let the petals of possibility unfold.

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ISBN: 9798884347083
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 9th, 2024
Pages: 96
Language: English