The Social Disaster: Warning! Social Media May Be Hazardous To Your Life, Your Kids & Society (Paperback)

The Social Disaster: Warning! Social Media May Be Hazardous To Your Life, Your Kids & Society By Larry Pepe Cover Image
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Every day, hundreds of millions of people log on to social media, unaware of the harmful side effects lurking on the other side of the screen. Most of them have no idea that industry executives and insiders have admitted that these platforms are designed to psychologically manipulate them, get them hooked and monopolize their time.

Possible Side Effects Associated With Social Media Usage May Include:
- Social Media Addiction- Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Loneliness, Sleeplessness- Unhealthy Multitasking, Reduced Focus & Attention- Impaired Cognition, Memory, Communication Skills & Decision-Making- Negative Impact on Academic Performance & Career Success- Negative Impact on Personal, Professional & Intimate Relationships- Exposure to Criminal Behavior & Legal Liability - Exposure to Self-Harm & Suicide-Related Content- Exposure to Intense Societal Division- Exposure to Toxic Cancel Culture, Cyberbullying & Peer Pressure- Exposure to Misinformation, Fake News & Hundreds of Millions of Bots- Exposure to Unprecedented, Dangerous Censorship These side effects aren't theoretical...they're backed by a massive body of evidence, including hundreds of clinical studies, surveys, statistics and common sense. Maybe that's why many social media insiders won't use the platforms themselves or let their children near them. You should know about these risks and have the same opportunity to make an informed decision. Giving you access to that information is exactly what The Social Disaster is all about. The rest is up to you.

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ISBN: 9798985421521
Publisher: Sammi Seven Publishing
Publication Date: February 21st, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English