The Way of the Greyhound: A Magickal Journey of Self-Discovery (Paperback)

The Way of the Greyhound: A Magickal Journey of Self-Discovery By Ginamarie Talford Cover Image
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Come on this Magickal Journey told through the eyes of an abandoned Greyhound racer, longing to discover the truth of who she really is beyond the grief and pain of her physical and emotional scars. While searching for a place to belong, her Earth Angels & Celestial Guides (the Moon & the Stars), teach the melancholic Greyhound how to tap into her brave energy in order to confront the bullies in her midst and overcome the fears lurking in the Shadows so she can begin to heal her deep wounds. With resilience, the Greyhound learns to listen to her intuition, find her authentic voice and believe in herself again by embracing the darkness, stepping into the Light and rising above the fray of her life. The Greyhound's Magickal connection with the balancing forces of Nature (the Way) deepens as her interaction with the Trees & ForestFriends teach her to become more mindful of life's sweet spots and how to rely on her innate gifts. Follow the introspective Greyhound on her enlightening journey in this enchanting, heartwarming, allegorical tale of chance, choice and change. Witness her healing metamorphosis as she learns about self-worth, how to forgive herself and those who have hurt her, and how to trust and love again.

THE WAY OF THE GREYHOUND is an empowering, thought-provoking tale. It was penned by Ginamarie or children and adults who suffer with ptsd and anxiety, for those who seek to transcend the debilitating challenges they face, and for those who wish to gain a greater insight into understanding their loved one's silent pain. The affirmations imbedded throughout the text provide those daily nudges we all need on our quest to be heard and understood, to feel safe, and more importantly, to know that joy and hope are possible and can lead to Jong Sook-Quiet Internal Peace. Will the sweet Greyhound find the Way in her search to reclaim her life? This is Book One.

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ISBN: 9798985608540
Publisher: Magickal
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English