Overland Before the Hippie Trail: Kathmandu and Beyond with a Van a Man and No Plan (Paperback)

Overland Before the Hippie Trail: Kathmandu and Beyond with a Van a Man and No Plan By Patricia Noble Sullivan Cover Image
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As they drove through the hot flat Iraqi desert, Patricia looked over at her husband. He was guzzling water; sweat was running down his neck; the outside temperature was way over 100; and their 1963 VW camper van had no air conditioning. "Yikes," she thought. "This is not how I pictured our honeymoon." It was August of 1966. They had gone to Europe the previous summer after their wedding, and that trip had stretched into a two-year adventure that took them around the world on a bare-bones budget.

In those days with no mobile phones, no Internet, and limited maps, they were out of contact with family for months at a time while dodging a cholera epidemic in Iraq, staying in a palace in Pakistan, meeting with a maharaja in his stately home in India, and floating on a barge down the Mekong River in Laos. The journey had become a way of life as they found themselves drawn into a culture of international overland travelers while exploring a world that was large, varied, and filled with people who were curious, welcoming, and generous.

About the Author

Patricia Sullivan lives in Berkeley, California. From 1980-2001, while she was teaching at the University of California Santa Cruz (1980-2001), she also taught for one year (1981-82) in China at the Shanghai Foreign Language Institute; conducted research in Vietnam (1993 and 1994) at Vietnam National University; and received a Fulbright grant to be the director of a masters degree program for Turkish teachers of English at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey (1997-1999). After retiring from UC Santa Cruz, she was hired by the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State as a Regional English Language Officer. In that capacity, between 2001 and 2007, she lived and worked in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. After retirement she continued teaching short term workshops and classes in Mongolia, Guatemala, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Vietnam. Her webpage can be found at http://patriciansullivan.com.

Praise For…

"Sullivan has something to tell us about the 1960s, the nature of travel, the peoples of the world, and, ultimately, what it means to be human." -Sharif Gemie, Author of The Hippie Trail: A History

"Patricia Sullivan recounts in touching detail an epic round-the-world trip with her new husband, immersing the reader in a world that in many cases no longer exists." -Donna M. Brinton, author/consultant

"Patricia Sullivan writes about a world that is still unbelievably huge in its differences of geography and tradition. And yet, the sensitive humility with which she describes her experience helps us to see that we can all connect through our deeply common humanity." -Adrian Holliday, author of Intercultural Communication & Ideology and Contesting Grand Narratives of The Intercultural

"In her memoir Overland Before the Hippie Trail, Patricia Sullivan gives us an endearing, fascinating account of traveling the world on the cheap in the 1960s. As early pioneers on the Hippie Trail, they stopped here and there in places that today seem at once impossibly remote but also hauntingly familiar. A charming and intimate story of a bygone era of travel." -George Bishop, Jr., author of The Night of the Comet

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