The Dragons Keeper (Hardcover)

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Azahara was no stranger to pain.

In the aftermath of the cataclysmic Battle of Sunfall, Azahara's world crumbles, leaving her with nothing but time on her side. She sets forth on a journey to the Isle of Ilkiz. Once home to the mighty Ilkiz herself and the Power of Dragons, the Isle becomes her sought after refuge and the crucible for her fate, where every step forward teeters on the precipice of triumph or irreparable loss. With the mortal King, the Fae, and the Gods on her back, she struggles to see the light beyond the twilight.

All she has ever yearned for is to be safe and happy. Yet, in the vast expanse of the sea she traverses, that dream seems an unattainable illusion.

As Azahara confronts the encroaching darkness within, the pressing questions loom-can she unravel the elusive answers she seeks? Will she find the strength not only to save herself but also those who lend their aid to her arduous journey? Or will she confront the disheartening reality that her endeavors may be in vain, with a relentless being threatening to shatter the fragments of her life?

"Hello, little mouse."

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ISBN: 9798989480821
Publisher: Melissa Burns
Publication Date: May 1st, 2024
Pages: 530
Language: English